Dear Mum and Dad,

I am having so much fun here. We have gone horse riding and we have been looking at the stars. I miss you very much. I'll see you both soon. - Love Martha.


Dear Family,

I am having a nice time in Reunion Island. I hope you are having a nice time. I miss you a lot. You will stay in my heart forever. May God bless you. To my special family - Ryan


Dear Family,

I am happy where I am with my friends. I am very grateful for your help for paying me a ticket for Reunion. :-) I miss you a lot. Think of you. See you in two days - yay!! I am very happy with all my friends and I love the food, it is so good. I love Reunion Island. See you Friday at the airport. God bless you all!! When I was in the airplane - it was cool there :-) - Love Tiya

Hi Mom and Dad,

I think I am making my way to Dad's stomach because I am eating a lot. I am having a great time here and having a lot of fun. - From Blaze