Hello Everybody,

Hope you are fine. I am having a lot of fun. - Adrien

Dear Family,

I am having so much fun at Reunion Island. You all miss me. I love you all and you will always stay in my heart. Love you - Amoryn

Hi Mom, Hi Dad,

How are you? I am having so much fun here. I hope you are too. I will tell you all about it when I get back. - Matthew

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am missing you very much. I am also missing my sisters and my dog. I am having so much fun over here. Yesterday we went to do horse riding. It was so fun but got a bit dirty and very tired. Love you loads! - Lara

Hi! Mom & Dad,

I'm fine here and also safe. We are playing so much and having fun in Reunion Island. Yesterday we went to horse riding it was fun riding the horses. And today we in the class having fun and I miss you so much. Bizz!! - Alex