So much to share and I'm sure the children will do that very adequately once they are reunited with family and friends. The bus ride was a great success, with no one being sick. Huge relief for all the team. The volcano was spectacular as there was not a cloud in the sky nor any mist. We got to see the new dried lava and take some cool photos. Then we went back to the Volcano's centre where we got to see a super exhibition that kept all of us totally entertained. The 4D cinema was crazy fun and some of us needed to hang on our chairs! Lunch was had on the way at a park filled with pines and green grass where all got to rest, eat and play some more. Lastly, but not least our shopping spree at Decathlon with lots to show when we were finished. Thank you everyone for a lovely day's outing.
On the bus and ready to go!

Looking out over the Lunar Terre.

Claudie, Mr. Kaiyo and George.

Volcano at last!

Mrs. Kaiyo... Another hat pic for you.

Go Blaze!


The Team

The Boys

The Ladies

Lunch in the park.

Poor Mr. Kaiyo - why do those hands have to freeze his head!

Volcano Centre

Amazing hologram of how different volcano's work.

Adrien checking out the earth.

Looking at the earth's core.

Bertrand doing a quiz with Mr. Kaiyo.

Watching a video in the coolest chairs.

Sky our Volcano Creator.

Mrs. Banor with the boys,

4D Cinema

Good shopping experience!
 Finished up in St Pierre and now for our trip back up to Le Make. Supper was yummy and Claudie and her husband were able to join us.