After a simple but satisfying breakfast we quickly packed and readied ourselves for the tough walk to the Equestrian Centre. It certainly had its long up hills! All the tiredness was quickly forgotten as soon as the horses were spied, and soon the lessons began. Teams were formed and riding helmets collected. Everyone got to groom a horse and they got to help out in saddle the horses. Great fun was had by everyone - teachers included! Lunch was delivered and everyone had their fill. Soon the walk back was required but not one complaint was sounded - well done Grade 6's!
Getting ready for the walk...

Mrs. Banor, you can do it!

Off they go.

Seeing all the horses.

Derek getting a glimpse of what's to come.

Snack time.

Got my horse!

A briefing and team selection.

Are we doing this right?

Lara being extra cautious.

Seeing how the others are getting along.

This guy's almost ready.

Sky and Mr. Kaiyo doing the final touches.

Braids and the works for this little lady.

Ryan figuring out how to tie the saddle securely.

How to mount properly.





Tiya and Milena


Final instructions for the challenge of landing the horse's hooves in the hoops.

Yes - this hoop!

At the starting line.

Not quite there guys...

That's it - Well done, Milena!





Adrien and Derek

Waiting patiently on the side line.

More audiences.

Tiya's turn.



Martha and Cloe getting ready.

Mr. Kaiyo and his team all for GO!

Look how Mrs. Banor is dragging that horse!

Now where is that hoop???

Yihaaa! You did it Mr. Kaiyoooooo.


Well we had our turn and now it's fun to watch.

Alex and Benjamin

Mrs. Banor steering her trusted steed.

Now I know why Mr. Kaiyo was peering over the side - where is that hoop?!

"I did not take this guys" Mrs. Vismer -
Mr. Kaiyo did cos he wanted the parents to know how carefully all the children had to run around! ;-)


Lunch time at last! Thanks George.

This is good.

I'm really hungry.

Time to dig in!

Well I'll pose first...

Hope there's more...

Such a lovely place to munch lunch!